To best facilitate our clients’ dynamic legal needs, we maintain a collection of specialists with expertise in almost every major area of the law. Through this approach, we develop and foster long term professional relationships providing trustworthy legal counseling on whatever matter, whenever necessary.

Persistently applying the same uncompromising dedication to our clients that has afforded our firm consistent success since 1985, Harold, Salant, Strassfield & Spielberg morally and ethically delivers the preeminent level of legal service.

Our Areas of Legal Expertise

Business Law

From the formation of your partnership or limited liability corporation to a severance package and non-compete contract, HSSS has the experience and capability to help assist your company in any business climate. So whether a sale of a subsidiary or resolution of a shareholder dispute, our firm is here to help you accomplish your business goals.

Bankruptcy Law

Proficiency in Bankruptcy Law is an exacting science. HSSS has a skillful team to help you and your business resolve debt and get back to financial security as quickly as possible. Whether Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy, loan modification or foreclosure on property, our professionals are here to help.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation incorporates areas of contract law, tort law, and other forms of suit. If you have been financially or personally injured by another, either intentionally or negligently or need to defend a law suit, HSSS can assist you and your property.

Commercial Law

Commercial Litigators are often needed to resolve disputes resulting from construction, commercial property damage and other disagreements pertaining to commercial properties. HSSS has the experience to help you resolve these or any of your commercial legal issues.

Computer Law

Similar to the computer industry itself, Computer Law is a fluid area of practice. To properly protect, copyright, or trademark your computer software or intellectual property, you will need a law firm that has its finger on the pulse of the industry and its developing laws. HSSS has the experience and up-to-date information to protect you from and resolve all computer law issues.

Criminal Defense

Arrested? Issued a citation? HSSS has attorneys that are equipped to represent and defend you in Criminal Courts in various local counties.

Divorce Law

divorceHSSS has been practicing divorce law since its conception in 1985. Our experience will guide you through support matters or custody and visitation issues. Our attorneys are also well versed in the preparation of separation agreements and divorce negotiations or settlements.

HSSS also has your best interest in mind, and can assist you in protecting your finances with pre and post nuptial agreements.

Employment Law

With the first generation of our firm founded in Employment Law, HSSS has over 25 years of experience in this area of practice. Our expertise will guide the employee or employer through all legal actions with efficiency and effectiveness.

Family Law

Family law is a principal offering at HSSS. Our collection of professionals diligently and relentlessly defends the interests of our clients. With great respect for your privacy and wellbeing, we will provide legal assistance regarding all matters ranging from visitation rights, maintenance, and adoption to domestic violence, orders of protection, and juvenile delinquency.

Labor Relations

Labor Relations is a principle area of practice for HSSS. Representing the unionized workforce and the related municipalities, our experience affords our clients the counsel of true and seasoned experts.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law incorporates, among other issues: slip and fall claims, medical malpractice suites, and discrepancies over automobile accidents. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to help you proceed through this difficult matter as quickly and successfully as possible.

Real Estate Law

HSSS attorneys specialize in transactional real estate representing buyers, sellers and lenders regarding commercial or residential properties.

Tax Matters

HSSS attorneys represent clients in matters relating to state and federal taxes, including, tax litigation and penalty assessments brought by the Internal Revenue Service or the New York State Department of Taxation.

Wills, Trust, & Estates

Estate planning is very important in ensuring financial security for you and your family. HSSS offers assistance in drafting wills, powers of attorney, trusts, health care proxies and other specialized planning documents.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

HSSS is committed to achieving the most appropriate and cost effective disposition of matters handled by its attorneys. Traditional litigation is not the only option, and we recognize that there are other cost effective mechanisms to achieve similar goals. Many of the attorneys at HSSS are trained in the fields of mediation, arbitration and negotiation and are ready, willing and able to give their hands-on experience to clients in need.

Centrally located in White Plains, New York for over 25 years, HSSS is woven into the fabric of the surrounding business and legal communities.