Computer Law

Similar to the computer industry itself, Computer Law is a fluid area of practice.

The term Computer Law is understandably multifaceted. Due to the nature of the industry, the rules and regulations governing computer law are constantly changing and adapting along with technology.

Because society has become so engulfed in this rapidly changing technological world, it is increasingly important to understand what this law is. It is an area of law that has adapted from traditional law in order to meet the demands of the present. Things that are covered in matters of computer law include hardware, software, and data.

As computer and data resources are becoming more abundant, and data is more easily accessible worldwide, the frequency of computer related crimes increase. Some examples of these crimes are stolen hardware, copyright infringement for software, or re-using, changing, or any other manipulation of data without expressed permission.

To properly protect, copyright, or trademark your computer software or intellectual property, you will need a law firm that has its finger on the pulse of the industry and its developing laws. HSSS has the experience and up-to-date information to protect you from and resolve all computer law issues.