Divorce Law

HSSS has been practicing divorce law since its conception in 1985. Our experience will guide you through support matters or custody and visitation issues.

DivorceOur attorneys are also well versed in the preparation of separation agreements and divorce negotiations or settlements. HSSS also has your best interest in mind, and can assist you in protecting your finances with pre and post nuptial agreements.

When spouses are unable to agree on child custody and financial issues, they may find it necessary to resolve those issues in litigation. The Salant lawyers know how to represent the best interests of a client during a contested divorce from beginning to end.


In October 2010, New York become the final state in the U.S. to allow no-fault divorces. Now, a New York divorce can be granted if one party swears that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months. The parties continue to have the option of alleging and proving one of the other five grounds listed in the Domestic Relations Law:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Adultery
  • Abandonment for at least one year, including constructive abandonment
  • Incarceration for at least three consecutive years
  • Living separate and apart pursuant to a separation agreement for at least one year