Family Law

Family law is a principal offering at HSSS. Our collection of professionals diligently and relentlessly defends the interests of our clients.

Family LawWith great respect for your privacy and well being, we will provide legal assistance regarding all matters ranging from visitation rights, maintenance, and adoption to domestic violence, orders of protection, and juvenile delinquency.

Family law governs legal relationships among husbands, wives, children, grandparents and domestic partners. Most family law issues are sensitive matters that can become highly emotional. A lawyer who specializes in family law can be a buffer in difficult situations, and can offer reasoned, objective solutions.

Child Support

Child Support can be one of the most troubling issues individual deal with when it comes to children and Family Court.

The lawyers at HSSS keep current of the constant changes in the law and ensure client’s rights are protected at every stage. Whether you are entitled to child support, spousal support, need assistance paying for a child’s college or need a modification from an existing order of support, the HSSS lawyers can help.

Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Administration for Children Services (ACS) are constantly bringing parents into Court trying to monitor abuse and neglect cases. The HSSS lawyers have helped hundreds of parents reunite with their children and have worked diligently to ensure these agencies act appropriately. Our lawyers are available to assist clients at all stages of abuse and neglect cases whether it is after report is filed, a petition is filed in Court or if a party is seeking to expunge an indicated report.

We have helped thousands of mothers, fathers and relatives obtain both custody and/or visitation with children.